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We are Charity's Home, Inc., a supportive housing environment non-profit organization in Baltimore, MD. We provide housing, programs, resources, and training for homeless children. As a woman who was a homeless teen in the city of Baltimore, I have a heart to create a safe place for children within urban communities. I want them to not just live, but to thrive until they have found a home. Urban cities are often overlooked because many people are looking at problems in distant countries, while those at our doorsteps are overlooked. Our organization has a vision to establish supportive housing environments in urban cities to make a global impact. 

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who we are

Our vision

Restoring hope by extending love to underprivileged and homeless youth in urban cities and nations. 

Our mission

To create Opportunities, Happy Memories, and Lifelong Impact by providing shelter, life skills, and love in safe environments for underprivileged youth.

what we offer 

  • Homeless Shelter for Children 

  • Establishing healthy relationships between parents and fostered youth. 

  • Mental health advocacy

  • Work/Life Development & World Readiness Programs

  • Child Summer Programs

  • Teen Pregnancy Advocacy 

  • Sports Leagues

  • Holiday Adoptions